‘One-China’ policy: Pakistan expresses firm support for China’s sovereignty, territorial integrity

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Islamabad: Pakistan once again reaffirmed its strong commitment to the “One-China” policy and expressed firm support for China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The foreign ministry spokesperson, Asim Iftikhar, said in a statement that Pakistan was deeply concerned over the evolving situation in the Taiwan Strait, which has serious implications for regional peace and stability.

“The world is already reeling through a critical security situation due to the Ukraine conflict, with destabilising implications for international food and energy security. The world cannot afford another crisis that has negative consequences for global peace, security and the economy,” the statement read.

Emphasizing the need for mutual respect in inter-state relations, the statement added that Pakistan always believed in non-interference in internal affairs and the peaceful resolution of issues by upholding principles of the UN charter, international law and bilateral agreements.

China – U.S. relations

The statement comes amid Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, which led to the deterioration of relations between China and the United States.

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China furiously condemned the highest-level U.S. visit to Taiwan in 25 years as House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi hailed the self-ruled island as “one of the freest societies in the world” in a speech to the parliament in Taipei on Wednesday.

Beijing demonstrated its anger with Pelosi’s presence on an island that it says is part of China with a burst of military activity in the surrounding waters, and by summoning the U.S. ambassador in Beijing, and announcing the suspension of several agricultural imports from Taiwan.

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