On path of manufacturing hub


MULTI billion dollars China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has opened new vistas of opportunities for the country and it is now on the path of becoming a regional manufacturing hub.

Speaking at the CPEC Industrial Cooperation B2B Investment Conference in Karachi, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on CPEC Affairs, Khalid Mansoor, said that the upcoming projects under the CPEC will be mainly in Information Technology, textile, agriculture and science and technology sectors.

Expansion of cooperation between Pakistan and China under the CPEC is a win-win for both the countries.

The recent visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to Beijing was indeed historic in nature as during interactions there the Chinese companies offered several proposals for investment in different sectors of the economy.

The realization of these projects indeed will go a long way in bolstering our exports and create immense job opportunities for the youth.

It is now up to the Pakistani authorities to stay engaged with the Chinese friends in order to ensure early realization of these projects.

Whilst addressing the conference, Khalid Mansoor also shared the good news that investors from other countries including the United States, UK, Canada, Netherlands and Germany are also investing in Allama Iqbal Industrial City – one of the nine special economic zones being established under the CPEC.

We will suggest that road shows should be conducted in different countries to woo the investors there to invest in other SEZs as well.

Before doing so, it must also be ensured that all the facilitation is in place for the foreign investors in these zones.

The more facilitation will be extended to the foreign investors, the more they will be lured towards Pakistan.

Under the new industrial package, the government has provided tax holiday to overseas Pakistanis and one expects that they will also be forthcoming for investments in the country.

We believe that good days are not far away provided our political leadership also demonstrates maturity and refrain from creating any sort of political instability in the country.

Continuity is a must to take forward the country on the path of industrial revolution.


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