Ombudsman team inspected NPF & sector E-11 against complaints of residents


The Federal Ombudsman. Ejaz Ahmad Qureshi taking cognizance of number of complaints of the residents of E-11 Sector regarding illegal encroachments, pathetic maintenance of sewerage system, short supply of water, narrowing and choking of dirty nullahs and dilapidated condition of roads of National Police Foundation and 05 other housing societies of Sector E-11, constituted an Inspection team of senior officers under the headship of Registrar WMS Mr. Saqib Khan and Adnan Ahmad Investigating Officer with the mandate to hear the complaints of the residents of Sector E-11, ascertaining the stance of management of NPF & other societies and suggest remedial measures.

The team visited different areas of all housing societies in E-11 Sector i.e. NPF, Federal Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Pakistan Medical Cooperative Housing Society, Services Cooperative Housing Society and Multi-Professional Housing Society, heard the complaints of the residents and ascertained the stance of the managements of National Police Foundation and the management of other societies against the complaints. The team investigated all complaints and especially observed that the narrowing and choking of dirty nullahs during the rainy season caused great nuisance to the residents. The team also inspected the site of a commercial plaza due to which the double road has been converted into a single road in a housing society. The residents also informed that due to tripping of damaged electricity transformers power breakdowns were frequent. Cleanliness and drinking water facility was also found to be deficient and sewerage system was found in a very bad condition. The team felt that all the housing societies in Sector E-11 need to bring their services in line with CDA rules and regulations. Tasking serious note of the entire situation, the Federal Ombudsman has summoned CDA and the management of all societies of E-11 Sector in the next week and has directed them to come up with a workable plan to resolve the grievances of the residents of the housing societies in Sector E-11.

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