Oman’s central bank issues new copies of banknotes



The Central Bank of Oman has issued the new copies of banknotes which will be traded as legal currencies along with the banknotes currently in circulation starting from January 11.
The announcement was made by the Central Bank of Oman which stated that the issuance of new denominations of currency, namely twenty riyals, ten riyals, five riyals, one riyal, half a riyal and 100 baisa, to complement the sixth issue of the new Omani banknotes (1441 AH-2020 AD), which began with the introduction of the fifty-riyal banknote. During the month of July last year.
The Central Bank of Oman is currently working, in coordination and cooperation with banks operating in the Sultanate, to prepare automatic deposit and withdrawal devices (ATMs) to be compatible with the new banknotes—Times of Oman

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