Olympics figure skater Alysa Liu retires at age 16


Alysa Liu, a 2022 Olympian and world champion-ships bronze medallist, is retiring from competitive figure skating at age 16.

Considered the future of U.S. women’s skating and already a two-time national champion, Liu posted her decision Saturday on Instagram.

“I honestly never thought I would’ve accom-plished as much as i did LMAOO i’m so happy,” Liu said in her post. “I feel so satisfied with how my skating career has gone. now that i’m finally done with my goals in skating i’m going to be moving on with my life. … this skating thing has taught me a lot more about life than i anticipated. i’m really glad i skated.”

And skated better than any American woman at such a young age.

Using the triple axel that few U.S. women have landed successfully, Liu won her first national title in 2019 at age 13, and repeated the next year. She was too young to compete internationally on the senior level, however, and remained a force as a junior, getting comfortable with quadruple jumps as well.—AP


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