Pakistani baseball team to participate in 19th Asian Games


President of Pakistan Federation of Baseball (PFB) Syed Fakhar Ali Shah said on Saturday evening that Pakistani baseball team will participate in the 19th Asian Games to be held in China in September 2022, Gwadar Pro reported on Sunday.

In a statement, he maintained that PFB had written a letter to Director General of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Colonel Asif Zaman (retd) urging him to set up the camp of Pakistan Baseball Team in Pakistan Sports Complex Islamabad.

He mentioned that PFB had sent a reminder to DG PSB that the Sports Board has started training camps for other sports therefore the camp of Pakistan Baseball Team should be organized as soon as possible.

“The long delay in setting up the camp will not only affect the baseball game but also the results of the Asian Games,” he contended.

According to Baseball Federation of Asia, the top 6 teams in Asia are participating in these games. Only Pakistan Baseball Team is from South Asia.

Apart from this, the training camps of the baseball teams participating in these games have also been started under the supervision of the sports boards of these countries while the camp of Pakistan Baseball Team has not started yet, according to Syed Fakhar Shah.

He hoped that the Sports Board would soon approve the training camp of Pakistan Baseball Team and the team would participate in these games with full readiness.—INP


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