Okara Police nick 212 POs in November Looted goods worth millions of rupees recovered and handed over to owners


Staff Reporter

On the instructions of Punjab Inspector General of Police Inam Ghani, operation has been intensified against anti-social elements across the province, especially against notorious criminals, arms and drug dealers.
In this regard, the Okara District Police under the leadership of DPO Faisal Shehzad took emergency measures for the arrest of anti-social elements during the last month which resulted in a significant reduction in the crime rate. In November, police teams worked hard and used modern technology to maintain law and order in the district.
DPO Faisal Shehzad said that public confidence in the police is real asset pride for the force. He urged the officers and officials to follow the principle of self-accountability to further improve performance. He asked his officers to be more active and ensure the arrest of the notorious criminals. He said that zero tolerance policy should be adopted against anti-social elements. He said that 127 cases registered against illegal weapons in which 10 rifles, 12 Guns, 101 Pistol / revolver, 5 Carbines and 758 bullets were recovered. During the ongoing operation against anti-social elements, 84 drug cases were registered in which 49.977 kg of hashish, 1092 liters of liquor, 06 wine manufacturing kilns , 1.140 kg of opium, 20 liters of lahan were recovered. During the last one month 212 including 22 A Category and 190 B category wanted criminal have been arrested. A total of 15 cases were registered in compliance with the existing rules including violation of sound system 08, 2 cases of hate material were registered. During this period 7 cases were registered against gamblers while dong crackdown. Huge amount of money has been recovered from wanderers and offspring of chieftains for displaying arms and 12 Cases have been registered and illegal arms have been recovered. Action has been taken against persons involved in various crimes. After arresting the accused, Police recovered 14 pistols, 5 pump action, 1 rifle, 110 bullets and cartridges from the accused and recovered the stolen goods including cash, motorcycle, cattle, mobile phone, LCD etc. with a total value of Rs. 3385500 / -. During the last month, cases of robbery, robbery with murder registered by the Depalpur Circle Police were traced / worked out during 984/20 Hujra Shah Muqeem Police Station and 893/20 Depalpur Saddr Police Station during the month of November. The DPO said that the performance of the district police last month has been exemplary while surprise visits of various units including police stations are being carried out to further improve the performance of the police. He further said that making the police a friend and helper of the people is one of his top priorities and there is a zero tolerance policy on corruption and misuse of power.