OIC asked to discuss Aafia Siddiqui issue also



Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) chairman Altaf Shakoor demanded from the OIC to also discuss the issue of Aafia that is also somehow related to war in Afghanistan.Altaf Shakoor Reminded that Aafia Siddiqui is the victim of Afghan war, when this war has already been ended and the US forces have left Afghanistan and prisoners are released what is the rationale of continue to keep Aafia in jail.

Welcoming the moot of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) foreign ministers in Islamabad, he said that Afghanistan is facing a human tragedy as millions of people including women and children are facing hunger and diseases.

Altaf Shakoor said the US should release the foreign exchange reserves of Afghanistan on immediate basis so that the poor nation could buy food and medicine. He said the OIC should ask the world community to give generous food assistance to Afghanistan to save innocent lives.


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