Officials assure to solve issues of Angoor Ada

Adam Khan Wazir

Pak-Afghan Border Angoor ada Custom authorities and the government should work together to promote trade and business activities in the area. Lower South Waziristan is a region where people have faced extreme hardships due to war for the past several decades. Some elements are trying to stop the commercial activities at the Angoor Ada border so that the trade with Afghanistan is shifted to other border points.

If the commercial activities at Angorad Gate are stagnant, there is a danger of weakening the power of the people here, which will deprive them of the fruits of relief and the war on terror. In this regard, a delegation led by the President of Waziristan Chamber of Commerce Muqarab Khan Wazir and Taj Wazir held a meeting with Custom Collector Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ashfaq.

In the meeting, bilateral trade with Afghanistan on the Pak-Afghan border Angoor adda, poor condition of roads and other important business issues were discussed. Custom Collector Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ashfaq assured to solve all these problems, and also promised to increase business at Pak-Afghan border Angoorvadda and solve all problems on priority basis.