N’s rigging allegations in  PP-38 baseless: Ahsan Baryar



Staff Reporter

Newly-elected PTI MPA from PP-38 Sialkot, Ahsan Saleem Baryar on Tuesday categorically termed PML-N’s rigging allegations as baseless and trumped-up.

“The by-election to PP-38 was held in transparent manner under the strict supervision of ECP”, he said while addressing a press conference at DGPR on Tuesday. PTI leader Saleem Baryal was also present on the occasion.

The MPA pointed out that the allegation of unusual turnout in the PML-N’s appeal submitted to ECP is wrong as turnout was around 60 percent in the 2018 general election which reduced to 55.5 percent in the recently held by-election although 24,000 new voters have been registered in three years in the constituency.

Ahsan Saleem Baryar said the citizens have voted for the Pakistan-centric vision of PM Imran Khan while ECP remained completely impartial.

“The PML-N leaders also confessed to electoral transparency and impartiality of the administration while talking to media in the evening on election day,” he recalled.

While talking about the PML-N leader Ata Tarar’s allegation of development work by PTI govt worth Rs3 billion in the constituency, Ahsan Saleem Baryar insisted that ground realities are totally different and the constituency would have been entirely transformed if such a large amount was spent there.

“It is the usual modus operandi of PML-N to level rigging allegations in case of their defeat and term election transparent if they win,” he continued.

He reiterated that the allegation of Ata Tarar about winning the election through presiding officers and form-45 is baseless and concocted.

The reality is that the people did not support the anti-state narrative of PML-N and sided with PTI to ensure development as they have long experienced the impassiveness of the PML-N, he further said. “We will respond to PML-N’s allegations submitted to ECP after consultation with lawyers.”

Saleem Baryar said that 60 percent of the population in the constituency is Jaat while Awan and Arain clans also supported them.

Similarly, Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan worked very hard and the Baryar family enjoys credibility and goodwill in the area.

These factors resulted in our victory”, he said and rejected the allegation of covert support of a top bureaucrat in the election.

Meanwhile, Ahsan Saleem Baryar was greeted by various personalities on his success in the by-poll to PP-38 Sialkot.

They expressed the hope that Baryar will make all out efforts to come up to the expectations of people who voted him to become an MPA.

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