Aug 22 set deadline for vaccination in schools

Punjab's education minister Dr Murad Raas tests positive for COVID-19


Staff Reporter

Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas has set August 22 as deadline for vaccination in all public and private schools.

In a video message shared from his official Twitter account, Murad Raas said that a notification has already been issued for ensuring vaccination of all public and private school teachers and other staff by August 22.

Murad Raas asked teachers and other staff members to get themselves vaccinated and submit their vaccination certificates at their concerned educational institutions.

“We have established monitoring teams and they will conduct random visits to schools to check vaccination certificates after August 22,” he pointed out and warned that if any staff member of any school was found unvaccinated, authorities will close the school.

“We will also take disciplinary action after finding out that any staff member is not vaccinated,” he added.

He said that after the deadline nobody will be allowed to enter schools building including principals, teachers, staff members.

“If someone was found not to have been vaccinated, the school will be sealed.” He said that all should get vaccination certificates.

It is to be noted that all public and private schools across Punjab reopened on August 2 after summer vacations.

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