Noor Mukadam murder: Police recover mobile phones of Zahir Jaffer, Noor

Noor Mukadam murder: Police recover mobile phones of Zahir Jaffer, Noor

Police and investigators in the Noor Mukadam murder case recovered the victim’s and the alleged killer Zahir Jaffer’s phones on Tuesday.

The mobile phones were recovered based on the information given by the accused during interrogations, according to a police official close to the inquiry who spoke on the condition of anonymity

On Monday, a duty magistrate prolonged the accused’s physical remand for two more days in order for the police to collect cell phones and other evidence related to the case.

During interrogation, he disclosed the location of the cellphones, according to the officer.

The mobile phones were found in a room next to the one where Noor Mukadam was killed, according to the officer, who added that both phones were hidden in separate cabinets and were turned off.

He added that mobile phones will assist in the retrieval of deleted data from applications and phone galleries, as well as the chronology of calls accessible in the call log.

Some of the items discovered in the cellphones are deemed evidence and will be used against the accused during the trial.

In response to a query, the police officer said that the accused had been playing tricks and altering his statements, but that his behavior had changed since Monday evening.

“He was not cooperating with the investigators,” the police officer said.

“However, he might have gotten a message during his visit to courts on Monday that he has no other choice but to cooperate,” the officer said, refusing to divulge the name of the person(s) from whom he received the message.

Inspector Abdul Sattar, the investigating officer (IO), confirmed that the mobile phones, as well as other evidence, had been seized from Zahir Jaffer’s home.

He is being held on physical remand, according to the investigating officer, who also said that after the inquiry is over, his custody will no longer be needed, and he will be brought before a judge to record his statement under CrPC 164.

Meanwhile, the parents and guardians of the accused murderers were transported to Adiala prison on judicial remand on Tuesday.

According to the authorities, they were presented before the court of the local magistrate after a two-day physical remand, and their lawyer asked that the court put them on judicial remand, which the police did not object to.

The magistrate sentenced them to prison after hearing their arguments.

Bail petitions had also been filed for all four at the court of extra sessions judge, who would hear them on July 30.

In the meanwhile, the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights was alerted to the event and summoned the policemen involved.

Senators will be briefed on the increasing trend of crime and violence against women, with special reference to the horrific murder of Noor Mukadam, and deliberate measures to prevent such instances and guarantee women’s protection and security, according to a notification published by the Senate Secretariat.

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