Nobel Peace Prize for Guterres | By S Nayyar Uddin Ahmad



NO doubt you personally deserve award of Nobel Peace Prize and profound congratulations on the re-emergence of UNO under your command as a potent and fearless organisation, which is firmly standing up against the genocide of hapless people and Human Rights violations, all over the globe.

In the veracity of my above statement the following two monumental reports of UNO are living testimony of the sudden turnaround being noticed in the performances of the UNO with special reference to the attention towards the protection of the Human Rights:

First-ever UN human rights report on Kashmir calls for international inquiry into multiple violationsLink:- Events/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=23198

Myanmar military leaders must face genocide charges – UN report Link:-

However, Sir, as you know the charter of the UNO specifically allows the subjugated population to wage struggle for their Right of Self Determination, but India has cunningly projected Kashmiris of the IIOJ&K’s struggle for their Right of Self Determination against the Indian occupational forces, as a terrorism; to mislead the West, which was the easiest way to distract the champions of Human Rights, like you Sir.

Here, it will not be out of place to refresh our memory with what the Cornell Law School website states about the right of self determination with specific reference of it being part of the UNO charter, quoted as below:


“Self-determination denotes the legal right of people to decide their own destiny in the international order.

Self-determination is a core principle of international law, arising from customary international law, but also recognized as a general principle of law, and enshrined in a number of international treaties.

For instance, self-determination is protected in the United Nations Charter and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as a right of “all peoples.

” Unquote. Link:-

As you must be aware that for the last more than seven decades Indian forces are butchering and maiming Kashmiris living under its occupation not in hundreds, rather more than two million Muslims have put to the alter of genocide for their ‘crime’ of waging legitimate struggle for their right of self determination.

In this regard, the situation has become so grave that recently an Indian author [Ria Chakrabarty, the policy director at Hindus for Human Rights] wrote in the Foreign Policy magazine that it was time to condition aid to India for the human rights violations being committed with impunity by the Indian military, detailed as below: 15 August 2022, 4:05 PMIt’s Time to Condition Aid to India.

The country’s military violates human rights with impunity—and gets a pass in Washington.


Furthermore, kindly peruse at the link given below the best ever most authentic and voluminous chronically compiled (from the Indian and international references) biggest ever details, about the genocide of Indian forces in the IIOJ&K which was worse than the war crimes committed by the Germany of the Adolf Hitler, rampant rapes used as a weapon of war, abductions, torture (which was broadcast over loudspeakers to terrorise the population of the area), scorch earth policy by destroying the gardens of fruit trees, and causing blindness to the Kashmiri kids, youth and the entire population at an scale never ever witnessed in the human history.

Sir, it is hoped that after going through the complete compilation of the India war crimes provided at the link given below, you as the biggest champion of the Human Rights who has declared his motto at his Twitter intro as below:


‘We will never, ever give up making this world better for everyone, everywhere.

’ Unquote. will immediately declare India as a terrorism and genocide committing/sponsoring country and a UN Peace Keeping Force be urgently deployed in the IIOJ&K to forthwith stop the most grave Human Rights violations of the human race on this planet, which blinded the Kashmiri kids and youth at an unprecedented level for which India must immediately pay reparations to the Kashmiris of the IIOJ&K.


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