No shortage of essential food items: NFRCC


There is no shortage of essential food items as wheat, rice, maize, potato and other essential food is sufficient in stock to cater for food security.

The Food Secretary briefed NFRCC chaired by Deputy Chairman Mr Ahsan Iqbal and co-chaired by Chairman NDMA Lt-General Akhter Nawaz and National Coordinator NFRCC Maj-Gen Muhammad Zafar Iqbal.

The forum was apprised of latest update of Met and flood situation. Secretary NF S&R presented a detailed update regarding wheat stocks in the country and ensured that no shortage of wheat / rice / maize and sugar is expected in future as sufficient stocks are available which remained secured during flooding.

He explained that Pakistan’s Annual requirement of wheat is 30.5 mn tons whereas 2 million tons are strategic reserve, however, in present situation, 7.07 mn tons including 2 mn tons for seeds are available in the country which is approximately 153 days of stock. This is sufficient enough and after that new wheat production will be harvested. Moreover early procurement of seeds will be ensured for the next season.

The Forum was informed that import of tomato and onion on fast track is in progress. The only problem being faced is damage to communication infrastructure which has disrupted transportation of various commodities in flood affected areas.

According to the NRFCC report, at least 34 people were rescued, and 16.4 tonnes of food were supplied to flood-affected people in the last 24 hours, the National Flood Response Coordination Center reported.

The southern and eastern parts of Sindh, Upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and North Eastern Punjab received heavy rainfall while the rest of the country faced hotter temperatures in the last 24 hours with Turbat experiencing the highest temperature with 42-degree celsius, 41 degrees in Sibbi and 41 degrees in Nokundi.

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