No parley till resignation of CEC

Shireen Mazari

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Senior Vice-President Dr. Shireen Mazari ruled out any sort of talk and parley until specific date was given for the forthcoming general elections and the incumbent Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) tendered resignation.

In a statement issued here on Saturday on the reports circulating about the “soft intervention” in Pakistani politics by powerful circles, she said that PTI expected specific election date and resignation of CEC if the political chaos and economic freefall of country was to be halted. She said that PTI was expecting announcement of the election date and the resignation of the CEC at the earliest to avoid the chaotic political and economic situation in the country.

“If they want democracy in the country, they have to take to PTI being the biggest political force,” she added.—Staff Reporter

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