No laxity in provision of potable water, cleanliness


Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid met officials of the Lahore Waste Management Company and Wasa at her office to discuss status of cleanliness and provision of clean drinking water in NA-125.
The meeting was attended by Ali Amir, Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor, Javed Ikram Tony and officials of the LWMC and Wasa.
The LMC representative and notables from the Constituency shared their issues and the steps taken for the improvement in situation there.
The Minister said that resolution of public issues is her foremost priority. She said Authority is a responsibility entrusted by Almighty Allah to serve people.
The minister said, “We have been trying to improve living standard of people from day one. No laxity will be accepted in the provision of clean drinking water and the cleanliness of the area.
The officers responsible must ensure cleanliness in the constituency. According to Vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the government is facilitating people in healthcare services.
The PTI government is fulfilling all promises with people. All chairmen in the constituency must share the status of cleanliness with responsible officers.
Instead of gimmicks, we believe in performance. We believe in serving people as we have come to power through vote.”

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