Nine foreign nationals held during combing operation



Police, with the assistance of Rangers, arrested nine Afghans during a combing operation in the SITE Super Highway area during the early hours of Sunday.Officials said the operation was supervised by Sub-Divisional Police Officer Sohail Faiz of the Sohrab Goth Division, while the action lasted around six hours.

Officials of intelligence agencies and female searchers also participated in the operation.The officials searched the houses that were under suspicion, and they also checked the documents of the people residing there, especially their national identity cards.

During the operation, the officials detained some people, including Afghans who could not immediately show any documents regarding their residency in Pakistan.Police suspect they are living illegally without travel documents. If they provide proof of their stay in Pakistan, they will be released, otherwise they will face legal action.

Officials said that during interrogation, the arrested Afghans admitted illegally crossing the border into Pakistan and settling here. Police have arrested nine Afghans and registered case No. 496/23 against them under sections 3(2) and 14C of the Foreigners Act.

The detainees include Allah Dad, Azizullah, Gul Mir Khan, Syed Mir, Khuda Noor and Allah Noor.