NHMP up against crops residue burning




Smog had posed a great threat to the commuters travelling on Motorways and Highways during past few years.

It has claimed many precious lives and caused losses of property worth millions of rupees in road crashes due to poor visibility, said Sector Commander M-2 South Maqsood Anjum.
He launched a special campaign against setting fire to residue of field crops.

Maqsood Anjum further said that setting residues of crops on fire adversely affects the visibility on roads and Motorway Police is making all out efforts to stop this hazardous act.

The Sector Commander informed that the National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP) is holding meetings with farmers and local influential persons to make them realize that the act of burning residue of crops could result in loss of precious human lives and properties.

Motorway Police is making announcement through mosques and its Mobile Education Unit to persuade people to adopt safe methods of disposing off of residues of crops. Banners for awareness of road users have been displayed at conspicuous places of Motorways.

Maqsood Anjum said that NHMP has requested district administration for imposing of Section 144. He warned that strict legal action will be taken against those who don’t follow the instructions.

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