NHA denies its role in urban flood

Abdul Khaliq Qureshi

National Highway Authority (NHA) has categorically denied of its any role causing urban flood in the cantonment areas of Abbottabad and termed it due to ill-planned urbanization by cantonment board and encroachment along all the old waterways/nallahs under the control of cantonment.

General Manager NHA North Habib-ur-rehman NHA Islamabad clarified the contents of press briefing of Ms. Ammara Aamir Chief Executive Officer of Cantonment Board Abbottabad published in a section of press stating that it can be ascertained that officer is not in knowledge of any ground reality.

“It is important to state here that using National Highway Authority as escape goat will never solve the root cause of the urban flooding which without any doubt is Ill planned construction and encroachments on waterways.”

In a statement National Highway Authority claimed that NHA is responsible for road side drains which is for carrying the rain water from roads to its cross-drainage structures whereas in the present case all the sewerage lines are being dropped in drains of National Highway Authority.

NHA under Periodic Maintenance contracts is building new drains with larger comparative sections to facilitate the public whereas the existing drains were working efficiently.

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