Never grow old..!

THE last few days have been wonderfully different with an aunt of mine who has flown in from Canada, staying with me.
Not for a moment do I feel she has grown any older than those days in childhood when I spent holidays with her. She still jumps from chair to explain point. Gestures excitedly like one of us and is as fit as a fiddle.
Not from her are groans and moans of aches and pains, or complaints about the present day world. She is a present day person. She is eighty four and she still beats me hands down at Scrabble..!
Today she leaves back to Canada and I thought I’d lighten that sad thought with a few lively stories: The quack was selling an elixir which he declared would make men live to a great age. “Look at me,” he shouted. “Hale and hearty and, I’m over 300 years old.” “Is he really as old as that?” asked a listener of the youthful assistant. “I can’t say,” replied the assistant. “I’ve only worked with him for 100 years..!”
And here’s another: In a town in Europe a 76-year-old man was hospitalized for cardiac arrest. When the time came for him to be discharged, he kept insisting his mother be called and asked to drive up and take him home. This seemingly irrational request made the doctors decide that he be kept a couple of weeks longer in the hospital till his mental state improved. But that turned out to be unnecessary; that evening his mother, aged 95, drove over from a town 100 kilometres away, accompanied by her 97-year-old sister, and took him home..! A rather old lady was waiting for the traffic light to change on a street corner in New York. Finding another old lady beside her, she struck up a conversation.
The latter remarked: “If you live alone and don’t use your brain, it dries up. It’s very important to spend time with people, to keep busy. That is why, although I’m over 80, I still work.”The other lady complimented her and asked her what she did for a living. Out came her unexpected reply: “I take care of an old lady..!”
An old man was accosted in a village street by an amiable tourist. “Excuse me, sir, but you must be of a great age?” “Yes,” replied the man. “I’m getting on ninety-four.” “And have you lived here all your life?” “No, not yet,” replied the villager dryly, “no, not yet..!”
And that’s the spirit my dear readers we need to have as we get along in years. Not to fill the day with whines and whimpers but like my aunt be a young eighty four, and if you’ll excuse me now, I go to be beaten at another game of Scrabble..!
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