NEPRA refuses to raise K-Electric’s tariff


The National Electronic Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Tuesday rejected an increase of Rs1.60 per unit price of electricity recommended by the K-Electric in terms of monthly and quarterly adjustments. The K Electric had requested for receipts in terms of monthly adjustments for October-December 2019 and January-March 2020 quarter and January-February-2020. The K Electric had demanded an increase in the price of electricity by Rs 1.60 per unit. During the hearing on the petition, the NEPRA Chairman said that there were instructions from the government not to increase the price of electricity. He said that the federal cabinet has decided not to increase the price of electricity till June 30, adding that the electricity distribution companies also came up with a similar request a few days ago. The NEPRA chairman went on to say that Karachi is also part of this country and K-Electric will be treated equally. Earlier, the NEPRA chairperson announced that an investigation will be launched into the unannounced power outages in Karachi. TauseefFarooqi has instructed that the reasons behind the load-shedding should be brought forward and presented to the public. Residents in multiple areas of Karachi have complained of power outages of up to 12 hours. K-Electric, on the other hand, has blamed the increased hours of load-shedding on the shortage of furnace oil.