Negligent attitude of Sindh Govt induces lawlessness: Haleem

Sawan Khaskheli

PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the Sindh government is holding a long march to conceal its failure to maintain law and order in Sindh but the PTI government would not let it happen. He stated this during media talk at Sujawal after meeting with harassment victim Sindh University student Almas Bann and her father on Sunday.

He said that the negligent attitude of the Sindh government that induced lawlessness in the province cost us the precious lives of Dr. Namrita and Dr. Nausheen and this adversity might persist for a long time if the slackness of the provincial government in the same way. Adding that “ in the wake of the current situation the parents are afraid of sending their daughters to the Universities for higher studies.

A case would be registered at Jamshoro police station on the complaint of the victim student, he said. He said that he had learned from the parents of Almas that she had decided to discontinue her studies following the incident of harassment she faced within the University premises and added that the increasing incidents of harassment were a big question mark on the credibility of the Sindh Government.

“Innocent girls are being subjected to sexual assault in Sindh, people are being killed in the gurb of tribal clash, there is no facility of clean drinking water in many areas, the standard of educatin in Sindh is crumbling and amid all such crises Mr Bilawal has come up with the idea of a “Long March”; Haleem taunted.

Figuratively speaking he said that the long march announced by Pakistan Peoples Party was not a “March” but an “April Fool ‘’ adding that the ruling party had attempted to dupe the people of Sindh but his party would foil this bid.

“To expose the real face of PPP we are going to hold “Huqooq E-Sindh March- on 26 February to create awareness among the people of Sindh about their rights and letting them know that their rights are being expropriated” held Haleem and added Bilawal was playing tricks to tuck away the worst ever form of governance in Sindh.

Talking about the killing of journalists he said that the crime rate had surged in Karachi during the past two years but the Sindh government had taken this issue ever so lightly.


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