Nawaz’s recovery can take a few months: Adnan  



The personal physician of Nawaz Sharif on Friday said former premier cannot recover overnight, it may take him a few months to heal.
Speaking to media, Dr Adnan said that Nawaz’s treatment would resume from where it was stopped before his travel abroad.
He said that Nawaz’s appointments for the coming days had been booked. According to Dr Adnan, the former prime minister’s PED scan will be conducted next week.
Dr Adnan said that doctors were of the view that the dose of steroids being given to the former prime minister should be reduced and then stopped completely.
“Nawaz’s health is the same for now, it will take some time for him to recover,” he said. “He can’t heal overnight.”
Dr Adnan said that Nawaz was being provided all medical facilities at his son’s house where he was staying.
He said that Nawaz was being treated as per his medical reports.—INP

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