Nawaz gets diplomatic passport with blessings of NRO-2: Aslam


Provincial Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal has said that with the blessings of NRO-2, a diplomatic passport has been issued to Nawaz Sharif, a fugitive, which is a serious mockery of the constitution.

In a statement issued on Friday, Senior Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal said that all of Nawaz Sharif’s children are out of Pakistan from illegal business and due to judicial incompetence in Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif cannot even become a councillor. The imported government issued a diplomatic passport to a fugitive who is a criminal of Pakistan. He said that the people are protesting on the streets today against the law and lawlessness of this forest. Mian Aslam Iqbal said that looters and incompetents cannot be given the right to decide the fate of the country.

He said that as the long march is progressing towards Islamabad, the conspirators’ legs are shaking.

The convoy of real freedom is moving towards the destination.

The people will decide who should rule the country and who should be jailed. He said that the days of the imported government occupying 27 kilometers through conspiracy are numbered and jails are going to be their destiny.

The senior minister further said that the incompetent and corrupt group sitting in the federation cannot stand in front of the sea of people.

On the other hand, Imran Khan has reminded the corrupt alliance of 13 parties in the by-elections of their times. Successive defeats have proved that the imported government does not have the support of the people.

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