Nawaz claims elections stolen for fake mandate We are not blind, can see everything


Amraiz Khan


Former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif has alleged that everything was scripted and everything happened according to it. When they did not find anything, I was evicted for only ‘Iqama’, references were made and sentences imposed.
He expressed these views while addressing the video link with the Central Working Committee of PML-N on Thursday. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif termed Prime Minister Imran Khan as ‘selected’ and said that people are given fake mandates by stealing elections. Who brought the ‘selected’? Why was the mandate of the people stolen? He claimed that we had won a lot of seats in the 2018 elections but the RTS system was shut down and defeated. We are not blind, we can see everything.
The former prime minister said, “Neither I can remain silent after seeing the situation in Pakistan nor one should try to silence me”. I have come out to save the country, people are also looking toward us.
said that what happened? How happy people were by 2018. What were we Where were you and where are you going? It hurts a lot when I look at the situation in the country. What phases have not come in life within these 2 years, but thank God that God has given me chance to meet you. I am addressing you after a long time. It is a great pleasure to see the workers in front.
Referring to the arrest of Mian Shahbaz Sharif, he said that a person serving the people was being punished
for uncommitted sins. From 2013 to 2017, I was the Prime Minister, my team and me served the nation well. We implemented so many projects in 3 to 4 years that electricity came, terrorism ended and the economy started skyrocketing. Mian Nawaz Sharif said that the world was praising the development of Pakistan. We had become Asian Tigers, Pakistan was planning to join the G20.
Questioning the economic situation, he said that in these circumstances, what should a poor person do, steal or rob? This was not the case in our government. Government employees are facing worst situation. A man met with me in London and said that government employees cry when they see the electricity huge bills. Addressing his workers, the former Prime Minister said that if you make a promise today, then the nation will move shoulder to shoulder. You have to go with me and I have to go with you. The people of Pakistan are looking at us. Today, even the neighboring countries are not ready to support Pakistan. Where are the 10 million jobs? One and a half crore people have become unemployed. Former Prime Minister said, “Where are those who brought you?” Let them also answer to the nation. We have no competition with Imran Khan, we don’t care about him. It is the ‘selected’ that has been imposed on us. Why was the mandate of the people stolen?
Addressing the nation, he said, “Ask the elected Prime Minister why he has increased the price of sugar from 50 to 100 per kg in two years. Nawaz Sharif claimed that for five years we controlled daily goods and controlled the value of the rupee. The rupee was stable in my time but today Pakistan’s growth rate has turned negative.