National Development Company takes charge of coal extraction in Balkhab



The National Development Company said it has been assigned to take charge of the extraction of coal in Balkhab district by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.

An official of the company said that they have started work in the field, providing jobs for over 2,000 people.

They said that the income of the project will be spent on national projects, especially in Qosh Tepa Canal.

“Creating employment opportunities, elimination of deprivation, financing of national projects, especially the Qosh Tepa agricultural canal, are the main operational plans for the National Development Company under the framework of coal mining project in Balkhab,” said Farid Azim, provincial manager of the National Development Company.

Meanwhile, the first deputy prime minister, the acting minister of mines and petroleum, on a trip to Balkh province instructed local officials to ensure the safety and security of domestic and foreign mining contractors.

Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar emphasized speeding up the standard extraction process of mines, especially coal mines.

The Chamber of Industry and Mines said the extraction of coalmines should be conducted professionally to increase the industry.

“Mining capacity should be increased so that we can do exports as well,” said Sakhi Ahmad Paiman, the deputy head of the Chamber of Industry and Mines.

According to the National and Development Company, the only possible reserves in two coalmines in Balkhab, including Golvarz Guakh and Shurabek Pol Ashuqan valleys, are estimated at 1.5 billion tons.—Tolo news