150 foreign investors received licences since IEA takeover



A total of 150 foreign investors received licenses to invest in Afghanistan since the Islamic Emirate took over in August 2021, officials said on Saturday.

The investors who received investment licenses are from the United States, China, Britain, Canada, Qatar, Poland, Netherlands, Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Arab countries, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce said.

“Some have already started practical work,” said Abdul Salam Akhundzada, a spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce and Investment welcomes foreign investment in Afghanistan, saying it will help the country.

“There is Mes Aynak project. There is a project to generate electricity from coal. It would be great if it can turn into a major project and prevent millions of dollars going out for electricity,” said Khanjan Aolokozay, member of Chamber of Commerce and Investment.

IEA officials recently signed a contract with China’s CAPEIC (Xinjiang Central Asia Petroleum and Gas Co) Company for the extraction of oil in the Amu River basin, which covers a large area across parts of three northern provinces.—Ariana news