Nation needs cause committed souls | By Nighat Leghari


Nation needs cause committed souls

THE cause committed souls, no doubt, earned respect from the people but not frequently are rewarded or considered.

I take Quaid-i-Azam as the commander of the cause committed souls.

He in a state of craze for the commitment of his cause sacrificed a lot.

He, while going through this thorny path of commitment, sacrificed his health, wealth and personal peaceful life.

I always tried my level best to bring these people to the limelight who were committed to their cause because it gives encouragement and boost to other people to tread this path.

I am an aloof and secluded nature of person with seldom social contacts, but being a journalist, I help the needy (not monetarily).

Some people come to me for admission to an educational institution or getting their fee waived off or an admission to a hospital.

When I contact the concerned authorities, usually they regard to my request.

One day, a few youngsters came to me and asked I shall call to the Chief Minister to provide them jobs.

They were all on merit I called in the CM office the office staff bluntly told that the CM is awfully busy and cannot attend to my call, the youngsters very sadly went off, pushing me into a deep depression.

The next day I wrote an Urdu column in the newspaper daily “KHABRAIN” with the caption (Khan Sahib Aik Nazar Apnay Humsafroon Per) the language was so harsh, the very next day I received a phone call from Mr.

Shahbaz Gill (the then Advisor to the CM) He very politely and respectfully asked about my problem, I narrated the whole story of the youngsters he asked me to send their CVs forthwith.

I sent their documents (CVs) through a very reliable courier service but up till now (one year) the shipment has not yet perhaps delivered in the Chief Minister Office.

A few months back, a very deserving poor but competent student came to me with the request to talk to the Vice Chancellor of one of the top Engineering Universities of South Punjab (NFC IET, Multan) for the waive off his fee.

I placed a call and talked to the VC Sahib, a very respectful and polite person was on line.

He very patiently and attentively heard me and committed to regard to my request.

That person was Engr.Prof.Dr. Malik Akhtar Ali Kalrou (present Vice Chancellor of NFC, IET Multan).

His good courteous and kind behavior forced me to enquire about his biography, after a little hesitance he concisely narrated about his educational and professional performance.

He has been a fullbright scholar in Maryland University in USA for his higher studies of Engineering.

Before the appointment as Professor of Civil Engineering in BZU, Multan.Dr.Matthew W.Witczak evaluated Dr.Malik Akhtar Ali Kalrou and strongly recommended for the said position.Dr.MW.Witczak was a pioneer and leader in the civil engineering community and known expert in the area of transportation pavement systems.

After getting many achievements in the Civil Engineering Dr Malik now working in the NFC, IET Multan as Vice Chancellor.

During his capacity as VC of the institution he committed to himself to make this institution as exemplary one.

It is first ever institution in Pakistan which is running on self-sustained institution functioning on its own resources without any financial support or any grant by the Government of Pakistan, any Ministry, any provincial government, HEC or any other agency/institution.

Since its inception as degree awarding institution in 2012 onward, the annual budget of the institution is surplus and never faced any fiscal constraint.

In 2012, the institution had only four academic departments but now it has 28 departments.

The most commendable achievements by him that he got much appreciation from the President of Pakistan on his tremendous performance regarding the growth of the students and institution as well as his sincerity, honesty and strong technical and managerial skills.

Applaudable step is that as head of the institution he very generously increased the salaries of the lower grade employees in accordance with the Government wages policy.

The person like Dr Malik Akhtar Ali Kalrou is much needed to my county and its down trodden people. “Bravo Dr.Kalrou” May God Bless you for all the times to come.

—The writer is senior journalist based in Germany.