Naeem says only JI worked on ground for progress and development


Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi Ameer Engr Hafiz NaeemurRehman has said that only the JI has the capability to change the fate of the city.

The JI leader expressed these views while talking to senior journalists from English newspapers at Idara Noor-e-Haq, JI Karachi headquarters, here on Saturday.

Elaborating his viewpoint, the JI leader said that analysis of the data and statistics from the past several decades showed that no other party in the political arena was either interested or capable of taking any concrete step for development and progress of the megalopolis.

The very basic issue water that has now transformed into deep crises for the city  was addressed by city mayor, belonging to the JI, Abdul Sattar Afghani back in 80s, he said, adding that mayor Afghani had gifted Karachi with the K2 water supply project.

In the next more than 13 years, no water supply project was introduced by any government, he added.

The JI leader maintained that after mayor Afghani, Father of Karachi Nematullah Khan of the JI had gifted the K3 water supply project to the city.

Since then  a span of over 17 years  not even a single drop of water was increased in the quota for the city despite massive increase in population of the megalopolis.

Similarly, he said, a large number of public sector colleges were established only during the tenures of mayors Abdul Sattar and Nematullah Khan of the JI. He said that the same saga was repeated in the transport sector of the city.

The two mayors brought in large fleets of public sector busses as a part of the mass transit system.

The rest of the local bodies governments in the city either chanted mantra of lack of powers or inaugurated the projects initiated by the two mayors, he said.

He held the federal and provincial governments responsible for the negligence and delay in execution of development projects in the city.

Now the mindset of Karachiites has changed and people are intended to cast their vote on merit and not any discrimination, he said.

This year, he added, the JI will be contesting local bodies’ elections under its own flag and symbol.

The JI has opted for seat adjustment with other parties on some five percent union councils in Karachi, he said. He further said that a General Workers Convention will be held (Sunday) at New MA Jinnah Road in connection with the local bodies elections.