PTI takes credit for low voter turnout


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh President Ali Zaidi claimed that the voter turnout at the NA-240 by-election a day earlier was less than expected due to his party’s boycott of the poll.

“The results of the NA-240 by-election proved that where the PTI doesn’t participate, the people don’t go out to vote,” said Zaidi while addressing a news conference at the Insaf House. He accused the election commission of completely failing to hold a clean and transparent poll. “If electronic voting machines had been used, the election would’ve been clean and transparent.

”He said the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leadership had rejected the results of the census conducted in 2017 during the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government (PML-N), adding that the PTI was working on conducting a new census using technology. “How was the local government election announced without a census?” Zaidi said the Supreme Court had ordered holding LG polls under Article 140A, so it would be contempt of court to hold the elections ignoring the orders of the country’s top court.

He congratulated the nation on the final report of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), saying that the PTI government had made efforts to get Pakistan off the FATF grey list. “The PML-N had put Pakistan on the grey list of the FATF, and the PTI has removed it.”