NAB initiates inquiry against Farah Khan

Farah Khan

Islamabad: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB), on Thursday, initiated an inquiry against Farah Khan and others in multiple cases, including allegations of accumulation of wealth beyond known sources and money laundering.

Farah Khan
NAB initiates inquiry against Farah Khan

According to a press release issued by the NAB, the Director-General of NAB was directed to “conduct an inquiry in this matter as per law.”

“NAB has authorized an inquiry against Farhat Shahzadi (Alias: Farah Khan) and others on the allegations of accumulation of illegal assets beyond known sources of income, money laundering and maintaining various accounts in the name of different businesses,” the press release said.

Shocking revelations are made in the press release regarding the wealth of Bushra Bibi’s friend.

According to the report, a huge turnover, amounting to Rs847 million, has been found in the account of Farah Khan during the last three years, which does not commensurate with her stated account profile.

The credits were received in her ‘personal account’ within a short period and withdrawn immediately after credit.

The notification stated that multiple media reports suggested she was found to be allegedly involved in gathering assets beyond legal means.

Meanwhile, in the review of the income tax returns of Farah Khan observed that her assets grew exponentially from 2018 and onwards due to unknown reasons.

Moreover, Farah frequently travelled abroad, and the trips included nine visits to the United States and six visits to the United Arab Emirates.

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