NA Speaker, Dy Speaker felicitate on Baloch


Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, and Deputy Speaker Zahid Akram Durrani extended their warm congratulations to the Baloch community on their cultural day celebrations.

In their separate messages on Thursday, the Speaker and Deputy Speaker recognized the diverse and rich history of the Baloch community, which was embedded in traditions, beliefs and customs.

They praised the Baloch community for its contributions to the cultural diversity of Pakistan. They affirmed that the Baloch Culture Day was an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the cultural diversity that Pakistan has to offer.

They reaffirmed the nation’s commitment to the preservation and promotion of cultural diversity and applauded the Baloch community’s diverse culture and recognized it as an integral part of Pakistan’s larger cultural heritage.

The occasion being celebrated on March 2, provides an opportunity for the Baloch community to showcase their rich cultural traditions, including their language, music, dance, and clothing.

The Baloch community has a unique identity and has played a vital role in shaping Pakistan’s cultural landscape. They emphasized the need to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of all communities living in Pakistan.

They lauded the efforts of the Baloch community in promoting their

cultural heritage and urged them to continue their work in preserving

and promoting their rich traditions. NNI