Muslim and Kailash communities warned for long march to Islamabad if construction of valley road delayed

Gu Hamaad farooqi

Every year a large number of tourists from all over Pakistan and other countries come to this paradise valley for the festivals and rituals of the people of Kailash tribe who are famous all over the world for their unique culture and unique customs.

But once a tourist comes here, he is reluctant to come again, mostly because of the bad roads condition here

A joint peaceful protest rally of Muslim and Kailash communities was held in Brun village for the construction of dilapidated roads in Kailash Valley, which was presided over by Subedar Major (retd) Muhammad Yusuf.

Addressing the gathering, the speakers said that we are celebrating the 74th Independence Day of Pakistan but no development work has been done in this valley for the last 74 years and no government has paid attention to the roads.

They said that the federal government repeatedly claims that theypromotes tourism but how can tourism develop by walking on these unpaved and dangerous roads.
They said that government representatives

claim that more than Rs 4 billion has been sanctioned for the construction of this road but this year only Rs 50 million has been earmarked in the budget which is equivalent to cumin in the mouth of a camel.

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