Munir Akram’s persuasive address


PAKISTAN’S Permanent Representative to the United Nations Munir Akram has made a persuasive and forceful presentation before the international community about prevailing situation in Occupied Kashmir and apathy of the world body towards gross human rights violations by Indian forces there. During an informal meeting on the UN Security Council’s plenary annual report, he drew attention towards demographic flooding by settler communities to disempower and disenfranchise the Kashmiri people and to obliterate their Muslim identity and urged the UN to prevent India from implementing the so-called ‘final solution’ in occupied Kashmir by turning its Muslim majority into a minority.
Ambassador Munir Akram is known for his diplomatic acumen, working of the complicated UN system, greater insight on issues of interest to Pakistan and communication skills and his Monday’s address brought these qualities to fore once again. Pakistan’s diplomacy can excel on all fronts provided those assigned the task and responsibility of representing the country at different forums follow the footsteps of Munir Akram in doing their homework properly and make convincing presentation. Credit surely goes to the permanent ambassador that the UN Security Council held three meetings last year on the Jammu and Kashmir issue, confirmed the illegality of Indian action of 5 August 2019, reaffirmed the disputed status of the territory and underscored the imperative for a peaceful settlement of the dispute in accordance with the UNSC resolutions. However, these proceedings could not be highlighted or channelized into concrete action on the part of the UN to help improve the ground situation in Occupied Kashmir or any visible progress towards a just settlement of the problem. This is because of the enormous clout that a bigger economy like India has in influential capitals of the world and limitations of Pakistan. Holding of three meetings and threadbare discussion on the issue itself is an indication of change and sustained diplomatic campaign can surely prick the world’s conscience.

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