Multidimensional Pak-US ties


Staff Reporter


Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), one of the world’s leading international relations and national security think tank, invited Ambassador Ali Siddiqui to speak on the scope of an evolving Pak-US relationship that looks beyond common security interests. Senior scholars and policy influencers Daniel Runde and Seth Jones engaged in a series of conversations with Ambassador Siddiqui on topics including the limited scope of the current US-Pak relationship, future of economic partnerships, CPEC, and regional connectivity at the CSIS headquarters in Washington. The events were attended by politicians, academics, and policy makers. Areas for an economic partnership, in sectors such as energy and agriculture, were identified along with developments in, and potential for, tourism in Pakistan. The hosts appreciated Government of Pakistan’s efforts in the recent opening of the Kartarpur corridor for followers of the Sikh faith. Ambassador Siddiqui observed that many interested US companies have missed out on opportunities in Pakistan against their competitors in Europe and Asia. He gave the example of telecommunication services in Pakistan an industry that has experienced immense growth to the benefit of numerous international investors.

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