MPAs demand action against ‘rebel’ peer

Staff Reporter

Members of the Punjab Assembly from South have demanded action against angry PTI MPA Khawaja Dawood Selmani who has leveled allegations against the Punjab Chief Minister.

The members also demanded action against Khawaja Dawood Soleimani for violating party discipline. Sardar Ahmad Ali Khan Dareshk said that we will expose who is behind Khawaja Dawood and we will bring the evidence to light soon. He said that they were mobilized on a signal before the Senate elections. The allegations they are making should be acted upon for violating party discipline and if by-elections have to be held there.

Rejecting the allegations, Advisor to the Punjab Chief Minister Hanif Pitafi said that a package of Rs 3.5 billion was given for Khawaja Dawood’s constituency. He said that PTI is a big party, there may be differences of opinion, there should be no accusation, allegations leveled by Khawaja Dawood are baseless.

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