Mother and daughter make pair in women’s cricket match



A mother-and-daughter duo made history by appearing in a National Triangular T20 Women’s Cricket Championship match at the metropolis’ National Stadium.
Kainat Imtiaz, the daughter, donned the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Dynamites’ colours, whereas her mother, Saleema Imtiaz, carried out the match official’s duties.
Growing up, Saleema was passionate about cricket and played in her neighbourhood. Although she was unable to play at the highest level, it was her love for the game and desire to stay on the ground that brought her towards umpiring in 2006.
“Kainat is fulfilling my dream”, Saleema said on Tuesday. “My childhood dream was to represent Pakistan. She’s not only a good daughter but a good cricketer as well.”
Kainat’s Pakistan debut in October 2010 was due to the inspiration she found in her mother, the all-rounder said. The daughter, on the other hand, said she felt “proud when I look at my mother”.
Saleema took up umpiring to fulfil her passion of being on the ground, her daughter said, adding: “I want to be like my mother and hope to translate my passion for cricket into something, through which I can return more to my country, even after my career as a player.
“Growing up there was a lot of interest in cricket in my house as my both parents are sports instructors. They used to be at my school so all of my sporting activities have been under them right from the beginning,” she explained.
The pair has not been involved in the same match played under the PCB’s auspices. However, there have been instances when Kainat played in local matches while her mother umpired.
“There is more pressure on both of us when we are involved in the same match”, Kainat added, chuckling.
Saleema was part of the PCB’s pre-season workshop for umpires and match officials. She looks to enhance her skills and reach the top by officiating international matches.
“I have been umpiring since 2006 and I want to be in ICC’s umpiring panel. I wish to officiate international matches and make a name for my country,” Saleema said.—Agencies

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