‘Modi regime misleading world through its claims of so-called development in IIOJK’


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, political experts and analysts have said that Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government is trying to mislead world by showing that a new era of so-called development has kicked off in the territory after its August 05, 2019 move.

The political experts and analysts in their interviews and statements in Srinagar pointed out that IIOJK’s economic development is a hoax under Indian illegal occupation. They said the Modi regime is publishing fake reports of so-called peace and development in the occupied territory.

The political experts and analysts said Modi regime’s 5 August 2019 illegal move has put IIOJK into a reverse gear in all spheres of life. How peace and development can happen in IIOJK when it has become the world’s most militarized zone, they asked. No sane investor will even think of investing in the territory which is a nuclear flashpoint in the region, they said.

The political experts and analysts maintained that not development but plebiscite under UN auspices is the foremost demand of Kashmiris. They added that the Kashmiris are not against peace and development but breaking shackles of Indian slavery is their prime objective.—KMS