Modi, reflection of Hitler, Nazism: Rashid


Staff Reporter
Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said on Saturday that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was reflection of Hitler and Nazism so doors of dialogue with India had been closed.
Addressing a press conference here at PR headquarters, he said that operation of Samjhota Express and Thar Express trains (which run between Pakistan and India) had been suspended, adding that the trains would not restart untill he was minister.
‘I reject the petition of Indian foreign office for restoration of the both trains,’ he said and added, ‘we will show that Kashmir and Kashmiris are part of our blood.’ The minister said that after breaking the Shimla Agreement, India had been trapped, adding that now voice for Kashmir would be raised from every country. He said that Kashmiri people had lit the candle of freedom with their blood and the candle would remain lighten till the complete freedom of Kashmir.
‘It is commitment of Pakistan with Kashmiris to support them as right of Pakistan on Kashmir is as the right of Kashmiris on Kashmir,’ he added. He said that revoking special status of Kashmir would prove to be a blunder of Modi and now Sri Nagar would become graveyard of Indian politics, economy, military, secularism, culture and trade. Sheikh urged all students of colleges and universities to share in the struggle of Kashmiris by raising their voice at every forum.
He hoped that Kashmiris would come out against the oppression of India on Eidul Azha. ‘We do not talk about war, but it will be the last war for India, if it is imposed on us,’ he said. The minister said that Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Turkey and Malaysia had assured their support for Kashmir.’ UN secretary General has also declared the Indian move against the UN resolutions on Kashmir. To a question about Maryam Nawaz Sharif, he said that she had been arrested in Chaudhry Sugar Mills case and it was a very serious case from which Sharifs could never come out.

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