Modi humiliated and insulted, Iran’s Chahbahar decision enough evidence of his losing ground


Salahuddin Haider

INDIAN Prime Minister Nirender Modi, already on a slipping ground because of persistent failure, stands humiliated and insulted now. Two successive incidents, of Iran’s decision to chuck him out of Chahbahar port, and forcing his three oil companies from further exploration in neighbouring Muslim country, are enough evidence of his decline from sublime to ridiculous.
The “shining India” dream stood shattered even before reaching satisfactory levels. Soon after Iran’s decision to abandon Chahbahar port as rival to Gwadar, and join China and Pakistan in CPEC is a major setback for India and for Modi, who in his enmity towards Pakistan, had begun to touch the maddening level of thinking. His earlier decisions to send two combat Air pilots to create problems inside Pakistan territory, met befitting repy. Pakistan Air Force, always on the alert, shot both aircrafts down, one of them fell in Pakistani territory. Its pilot Abhi Nandan was captured, and another aircraft fell in occupied Kashmir area.
But Pakistan Premier, portraying Pakistani peace search for the region, returned the pilot unilaterally, bringing shame and disgrace to his “hindutva” mindset. It is really surprising to see Modi, successor to Atal Bihari Vajpayee who as BJP leader, both as foreign minister and later as premier of the vast country, had tried to set a new trend in Indo-Pak relations, coming by bus from Amritsar to Lahore, and inscribed a noble slogan of “defining moment” in bilateral relation between two neighbours, victim of Indira Gandhi’s doctrine of hostility towards Islamabad, began to hope for a new era of better ties with Delhi.
But Modi, since beginning, even kept Rajiv Gandhi’s desire to build renewed goodwill with Pakistan when he visited Pakistan in December 1988 and held talks with the then prime minister Benazir Bhutto.
They even signed a treaty to exchange informations about development in nuclear sector. The idea was to avoid the two nuclear neighbours from doing anything that could be caategorised as madness. Such a step would spell nothing but doom for both the countries.
They say that there is method in madness, but Modi’s thinking seems just the reverse of age old maxim. He seem to be wreathing with anger and wants to show Pakistan humiliated, but his decision to attack Pulwasha recoiled on his own forces. Pakistan showed to foreign envoys that mere couple of trees were damaged, and bombs wide of target, created just small pieces of ground.
Indian media, toeing the official line, and relying on spoon feeding, adopted hostility towards Pakistan, but even the media in India now is beginning to be disillusioned and now had started to take on Modi and his government of VJ and Rastria Sewak Singh (RSS), a Hitlerite follower dreaming to damage Pakistan and Muslims within India, but now that realities have begun to unfold themselves, the Indian media too had begun to be disillusioned, and refuses to believe Modi and treat his official briefing as blatant lies. It is asking questions from Government as to why Pakistan has appeared victorious in the end. Iran’s rebuke on Chahbahar.
The reason is simple. Indian national security adviser Ajeet Duval and Modi himself belived in confrontational policies towards Pakistan. His philosophy of enmity and hostility towards Pakistan, has brought him. Nothing else. Indian government has now accepted that Pulwasha attack has fired back and resulted to casualties of 40 Indian soldiers instead of harming Pakistan.
But most ridiculous was the behavior of Indian diplomats who sought consular consultations with Indian spy Kulbashan Yadav, arrested while crossing from Indian on fake passports and renamed as Muslims from Iran to Balochistan border. After his admission of guilt he was sentenced to life, but since hr refused to appeal and even seek mercy petition from President of Pakistan, he is awaiting his fate. Indian diplomats, seeking third consular contact with Kulbhushan were facilitated by the Pakistan foreign office to maximum.
But Foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, in a TV interview later, laid bare as to what happened during the meeting between the two Indian diplomats, based in Islamabad, and Kulbhushan Yadav. They left after three hours, without giving their former naval office proper hearing. He kept shouting for their help, but the two diplomats left him high and dry. They just walked out on him. What kind of policy was it?. Any country whose nationals in jail of some other country, can do their best secure maximum facility for him. But the Indian behaviour was strange.Modi seems in in trouble upto his neck.

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