Modi has crossed all limits in IoK, says Aslam


Punjab Industries and Trade Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal said that Modi government has exceeded all limits of inflicting atrocities and oppression on innocent and unarmed Kashmiri people.
He said this while addressing the participants of a rally, organised to show complete solidarity with the Kashmiri people from Samnabad to Chairing Cross. A large number of people from different walks of life participated in the rally. The enthusiastic participants expressed their complete solidarity with the Kashmiris. The participants raised the flags of Pakistan and Kashmir and were chanting slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad” and “Kashmir will become Pakistan”.
The minister said that the Kashmiris endured every tyranny and cruelty of India with great courage and fortitude. Prime Minister Imran Khan by becoming voice of Kashmiri people has raised Kashmir issue at every national and global forum. The sacrifices of brave Kashmiris being laid down for attaining independence will definitely bear fruit and undue forceful occupation of India on occupied Kashmir will end soon, he maintained. The sun of Kashmir liberation will rise soon. With the independence of Kashmir India will also face dismemberment. Due to inhuman treatment by the Modi government, the minorities living in India have also started raising their voices against him.
Pakistan was incomplete without Kashmir and Kashmir was its jugular vein. The heart of every Pakistani beat together with their Kashmiri brothers and sisters, he emphasised.
22 crore Pakistani people by getting out have shown their complete support to the Kashmiris and also voiced a strong message that they are standing with their Kashmiri people in their time of trial and sufferings.
We will stand with our Kashmiri brothers and sisters till our last breath, concluded Aslam Iqbal.

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