Mobile phone snatching 21-year old BDS student murdered in G-13 sector

Zubair Qureshi


A 21-year old resident of the Sector G-13, Muhammad Hasnain Abbas was killed by mobile phone snatchers Monday night when he resisted a robbery attempt.

Hasnain was a 3rd year in BDS and was bound to leave for Georgia where he was enrolled in a dental institute. According to the First Information Report (FIR) lodged with Golra Police Station by Hasnain’s father Zahid Hussain, his son was strolling in the street 128, G-13/4 along with his sister Arooj Fatima, nephew Usman and niece Mania when two motorcyclists riding a Honda 125 arrived at the scene.They were armed and ordered Usman to hand over his mobile phone. Instead of handing his cell phone, Usman resisted and tried to snatch the pistol from the culprits. Upon this one of them opened fire and as a result Usman sustained bullet injury in the lower part of his abdomen. He was rushed to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) but there he succumbed to injuries. Hasnain’s father Zahid Hussain while talking to Pakistan Observer on Tuesday said Hasnain was the star of the family and second of his four kids. I am devastated by the loss of my son who was bound to take his flight for Georgia on March 27. He said his son was very friendly and sociable and his murder had shattered whoever heard the news.

Hasnain’s funeral prayer will be offered on Wednesday (today) in I-11 Graveyard at 1:30 p.m. Akram, a resident of the G-13 while expressing his grief at the murder of Hasnain said street crime and such incidents were on the rise in the federal capital. It seems the federal capital is at the mercy of robbers, street criminals and mobile phone snatchers and the capital police have failed to control and curb this rising incidence, he said.

My daughter and grandchildren who were walking with Hasnain are in trauma, however, he said they could recognize the shooters if they were brought before them. The Islamabad Police on the other hand claimed it was investigating the incident and using all resources to trace the shooters and bring them to justice.