Mob vandalized Pakistan High Commission in London

Observer Report

Mob vandalized Pakistan High Commission building in London. They were protesting against the killings in Afghanistan.

The protest was organized by an NGO-Watan. The group in its facebook page has shared Afghan embassy’s address in London.

The protest organizers handed over a memorandum to High Commission which carried a West Hendon address but the official Watan facebook page continued to stay linked with the Afghan embassy in London.

A similar protest was also launched in front of Qatar embassy. The aim of protestors was to show their unhappiness over Pakistan and Qatar’s role for lasting peace in Afghanistan.

Organizer of the demonstration parried the question of a reporter with regard to Watan’s facebook sharing Afghan embassy’s address in London.

The role of PTM in protest could not be over looked as most protestors were carrying posters of Manzoor Pashteen and wearing pashteen caps.

Beneficiaries of status quo (that is beleaguered state of Afghanistan) are certainly behind such activities and are unhappy with Qatar and Pakistan to have facilitated peace talks.

Pakistan has played a crucial role in commencement of the intra-Afghan talks. President Biden and US Deputy Secretary of State Blinken in their recent statements lauded Pakistan’s efforts for lasting peace in Afghanistan.

Early this month, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) visited Kabul offering support to President Ghani.

It is evident that the current regime in Kabul is not willing to let go of power and would continue to show its anger and frustration through various acts.

Kabul’s support to PTM, BLA and annoyance over border fencing are the tools being used to coerce Pakistan, while it continues to host large number of Afghan refugees.

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