Mischievous portrayal of partition


IN yet another sign that there are slim chances of any thaw in relations between the two nuclear neighbours, India’s ruling BJP is going ahead with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s last year decision to mark Pakistan’s Independence Day as ‘Partition Horrors Remembrance Day’.

Our Foreign Office very rightly denounced the Indian action saying the BJP-RSS dispensation has again sought to hypocritically and one-sidedly invoke the tragic events and mass migration that occurred in the wake of independence in 1947.

The fact of the matter is that nobody can compete with India and its leaders and media when it comes to a propaganda campaign as well as distorting the facts and history.

The latest Indian move is also aimed at politicizing the past events for domestic political gains by hoodwinking its own people.

The truth is that it was the millions of Muslims who had suffered during migration because of the violent acts on the part of hard-line Hindus who did not and still do not accept the existence of Pakistan.

The migrating families left everybody back in India and even did not care for their lives for a better and peaceful future in Pakistan.

The way the Muslims are now being subjected to oppression and tyranny not only in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir but also within India proves true the two nation theory of our founding fathers.

With such statements, the BJP leaders can neither befool the Muslims nor the world at large but this only exposes their evil dream of greater India or Akhand Bharat which in fact will never realize.

Instead of remembering the past events, it will be better for the Indian government to move on the path of making India a better place for its minorities especially the Muslims.

Today the situation in India is that the Muslims face the threat of genocide. Every now and then, the reports pour in about the violence against Muslims who are also not being allowed to spend their lives according to Islamic teachings.

India has become a place of horror for its minorities and if the course correction was not done, the time is not far when more states will be carved out from it.

Already the Sikhs have launched a sustained movement for the creation of Khalistan whilst uprising in several Indian states are also not hidden from anybody.


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