Milk price in Karachi to touch Rs200 per litre


Milk price in Karachi is likely to touch Rs200 per litre, said President Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association Shakur Umar Gujjar on Wednesday.

Speaking in a private TV channel, Shakir Umar Gujjar said prices of electricity, medicines, gas, livestock, fodder and other essential items are increasing day by day and it is hard to sale the milk at the present rate.Gujjar said prices of milk will touch Rs200 per litre this year and will cross this rate in 2023.

The price of milk can be reduced if PM Imran Khan slaps the ban on the import of essential items, Gujjar added.The association president said they wrote a letter to the premier and expressed concern but no action was taken. On Tuesday, the Karachi Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association jacked up the price of milk by Rs10 per litre.

The milk is currently being sold at Rs150 per litre in Karachi against the government rate of Rs120 per litre, while the city administration and the provincial authorities are completely silent over the recent action.

The commissioner Karachi after negotiations with the stakeholders on December 8, last year, had fixed the price of milk at Rs120 per litre.


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