Milestone in vaccination



MINISTER for Planning and Development Asad Umar on Saturday announced that over hundred million doses of anti-Covid vaccine have been administered across the country in less than nine months.

Indeed this is a great achievement and National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) deserves applause for this marvellous job.

Our fight against Covid-19 is a success story and a model for many other countries to emulate.

It was made possible due to scientific approach and timely decisions taken by the NCOC to first curb different waves of the pandemic and then to ensure timely vaccination of eligible population. As a result today the Covid cases have come down to negligible level.

Especially measures that were taken for vaccination compelled people to get the jabs regardless of all sorts of rumours that were circulating around the Covid vaccine.

This vaccination certainly was pivotal to take the country towards normalcy and resume all sorts of activities. The pandemic badly impacted the education of our young ones.

Hence, this process of vaccination must continue with much more vigour in future as well until the whole eligible population is vaccinated against the disease.

At the same time, we need to stay alert as new variants are appearing in the world. The cases in the UK are on the rise.

Since many expatriate Pakistanis come from that country, we need to ensure their proper examination on arrival and they should be quarantined for required number of days before allowing them to meet their relatives in Pakistan.

The success against Covid-19 is also a proof that with right kind of approach and decision-making, this nation has the capability to surmount any challenge. Similar determination also needs to be shown in tackling the crippling Polio as well as Dengue fever.

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