Might leave US if loses polls


New York

US President Donald Trump has said at a public meeting that he may have to “leave the country” if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wins next month’s election.
“Could you imagine if I lose?” Trump told supporters gathered at an airport in Macon, Georgia. “I’m not going to feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country, I don’t know,” he said.
“My whole life – what am I going to do? I’m going to say I lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics.”
Trump repeatedly mocked Biden’s candidacy and suggested that it would be embarrassing to lose to the former vice president. The New York Times reported that Trump is trailing behind Biden in polls as well as in campaign contributions.
Biden has raised a record $383 million compared to Trump’s $247 million last month. Trump said he wasn’t planning to raise any more money.
“I could raise more money,” he said. “I would be the world’s greatest fund-raiser, but I just don’t want to do it.”
In the past few weeks leading up to the election, Trump has come under sharp criticism for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, a New York Times bombshell report about his tax returns, which showed he only paid $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017, as well as a myriad of other legal battles.
Trump didn’t deny New York Times report that claims he’s $400 million in debt when pressed during town hall.—APP

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