Message of solidarity


THE people of Pakistan and Kashmir are inextricable. The message was once again conveyed to the usurper India and the world community in very clear terms when all segments of society, political parties and the armed forces of Pakistan marked Independence Day on Wednesday in solidarity with their Kashmiri brethren against the illegal acts of India in the occupied territory. The fact of the matter is that Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir.
Fluttering flags of both Pakistan and Kashmir in rallies held across the country was a reaffirmation of the commitment on the part of people of Pakistan that they stand shoulder to shoulder with their Kashmiri brothers and sisters in their just struggle for right to self determination. At the main flag hoisting ceremony in the federal capital, President Arif Alvi echoed the sentiments and emotions of the entire nation when he stated that ‘we are for Kashmiris and they are for us’ and that ‘we will not leave them alone at any step’. Prime Minister Imran Khan made a hard hitting speech at the special session of AJK Legislative Assembly exposing once again the hate ideology of Modi Junta and making it very clear that any Indian action would be countered with a stronger response. More precisely, addressing the Indian Prime Minister, Imran Khan said every brick will be countered with a stone. Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa was as emphatic and categorical as ever in his message saying no compromise will be made on Kashmir and that the country will stand in the face of tyranny regardless of the cost. The same kind of messages of solidarity and unity poured in from other circles including the opposition parties. In the backdrop of Indian illegal acts in occupied Kashmir and the security lockdown and the communication blackout there, the emotions across Pakistan were running high in support of Kashmiri people giving a loud and lucid message that the country can go to any extent for the people of Kashmir.
In fact this is the first time in real sense that Pakistan has proved that its support for Kashmiris goes beyond verbal and moral rhetoric, and this was also manifested in steps such as cutting trade, cultural and train links as well as downgrading diplomatic relations with India in the wake of revocation of special status of occupied Kashmir by New Delhi. And now most importantly, a letter has also been written to the UN Security Council for an emergency meeting of the Council to discuss the aggravating situation in occupied Kashmir and the illegal steps taken by New Delhi in total contravention of the Council’s own resolutions on the disputed territory. Now is the test of the international community whether it expresses solidarity with the oppressed and victimized people or stands with the tyrant and oppressor. To garner support of the international community especially the permanent members of the UN Security Council, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has contacted different countries including the foreign ministers of China and Russia. The message from China is quite unequivocal that it abhors the illegal steps taken by New Delhi, however, it is yet to be seen as to how other permanent members react when a resolution is moved against India in the UN Security Council. Time has come that these important capitals reject any sort of expediency either economic or political and extend their full support to Kashmiri people keeping in view the ground realities and the violations committed by India of the UNSC Resolutions on the disputed territory as well as the UN documented Indian atrocities and persecution in the occupied valley.
The situation is really very alarming in the IoK which has also increased tension between two nuclear armed neighbours. World community cannot afford to turn its back to the current situation rather it should play a more proactive role for not only defusing tension between Pakistan and India but also resolution of the festering dispute that is the main cause of tension between the two neighbours. Important capitals must give ears to the very statement made by Prime Minister Imran Khan at the AJK’s Legislative Assembly that India is plotting to attack AJK to divert attention from its actions in occupied valley. Definitely Pakistan will not stay silent but respond with full force as has been stated both by the Prime Minister and the Army Chief. However, any conflict between the two countries will have disastrous consequences for regional peace and stability. Greater responsibility rests with the world community to uphold justice and influence New Delhi to give the right of self determination to the people of Kashmir. This is the only course that can bring both peace and prosperity to this conflict ridden region. The people of Pakistan and Kashmir also have great expectations from the Muslim world, especially the Gulf, to extend their whole- hearted support to the just cause of Kashmiris.