Masood underscores need for clean drinking water for flood-hit people


Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan has highlighted the immediate need for clean drinking water for the millions of flood victims in Pakistan at a fundraiser organized by a US-based charitable organization.

“The scarcity of clean drinking water and the water-borne diseases have added to the miseries of flood affectees of Pakistan,” he said at the event organized by Human Necessity Foundation, which works to provide clean drinking water through Solar Water Plants. So far, the Foundation has installed 700 filtration plants which benefit around 10 million people across the country. “We need the immediate and continuous support of the international community in rebuilding the lives and livelihood of the millions of flood victims,” Masood Khan added. Appreciating the efforts of Fauzia Kasuri, Senior Director of the Foundation and her colleagues, he said they were fulfilling the most pressing requirements of the flood victims.

The Ambassador said that 33 million people — more than the population of California, have been affected by the climate-induced floods, an area of 95000 square miles, more than the territory of Colorado, was submerged and 6.6 million people needed immediate attention.

He thanked the United Nations, the international community and the government and the people of the United States for their generous support during rescue and relief operations in Pakistan. In this regard, he especially lauded the generosity of the Pakistani diaspora for contributing generously towards providing relief to the suffering people.

“The real challenge is to rehabilitate flood affectees and to rebuild their lives and livelihood,” the Pakistani envoy said. “We need your continuous support; we look forward to the generosity of our friends, philanthropists and especially Pak-American community who have always been very generous in supporting their brethren at every difficult hour.” —NNI



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