Marriyum rejects six-day ultimatum given by Imran


Says nation forced to reap crop of inflation sown by IK

Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb on Friday asserted that former prime minister Imran Khan has accepted his defeat by revealing that his party was not ready for the Azadi March.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, the information minister referred to Imran Khan’s media talk earlier in the day, saying that the former premier has made surprising revelations while admitting his defeat.

“During his media talk, Imran Khan said his party was not prepared for the long march,” Marriyum said, claiming that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s preparations were to bring weapons, sticks, and ammunition to the protest.

Apparently referring to former Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed’s remarks, Marriyum said that the PTI was fully prepared for the ‘bloody’ long march. “Weapons were recovered from the homes of the party leaders,” the federal minister added.

She also spoke about the recent rise in petrol prices, saying that the PML-N-led federal government has borne the brunt of Imran’s promise to increase the price by Rs30. “Imran Khan announced subsidies on petroleum products the day he knew the no-confidence motion against him will succeed,” she added.

“The government is committed to provide relief even after an agreement with International Monetary Fund,” she said.

Recalling the PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif’s long march, Marriyum said that the three-time prime minister did not carry arms and ammunitions for restoration of judges during former president Gen Pervez Musharraf’s era. “Nawaz did not come out for the bloody march, yet a sea of people participated in the protest”, she added.

Talking about the PTI’s long march, she said that the government was monitoring Imran Khan when he crossed F-8 in Islamabad. She asked Imran Khan to point out obstacles during the Azadi March.

According to Marriyum, the police and security personnel were only carrying rubber bullets. “Not a single rubber bullet was used during the Azadi March”, Marryium Aurangzeb said, adding that almost 18 Rangers and police personnel were seriously injured.

She also accused the PTI Chairman for letting party workers to set on fire Metro Station, trees in Blue Area. “Bear the brunt of your mistakes and failures. Now your only destiny is failure”, Marriyum told Imran.

The federal minister further said that when Imran Khan failed, he started threatening the judiciary to clarify its position. “The Supreme Court had clarified its position on the night of April 11,” she said, adding that the Supreme Court reversed the ruling of Deputy Speaker that night.

Meanwhile, responding to an incident that happened earlier Friday during which Imran Khan suddenly stepped out of a press conference following a harsh question by a journalist in Peshawar, Maryam advised “half-mad” former prime minister Imran Khan to stay away from media for a while as his “miserable mental health” did not allow him to be in front of the camera in the aftermath of his party PTI’s “failed” long march.

Marriyum also warned Imran Khan for not threatening the institutions, saying: “Don’t give 6-day ultimatum, you can’t return to Islamabad if you had six centuries,” she added. “Imran Khan’s politics is buried”, said Marriyum.

Referring to Imran Khan, the Information Minister said that the person, who was not ready to sit on national security issues, was now ready for negotiations. She reiterated that the election will be announced after the completion of government’s constitutional term.

“The only reason he returned to Bani Gala was that he had accepted his defeat and as against the claims of assembling 2 million people, he couldn’t even mobilise 35,000.”

“By the time he reached Islamabad, only 15 to 20 cars were accompanying his caravan,” she said. “Khan, you should tell us what was stopping you from continuing the march. The Supreme Court had given you go ahead for the march and there were no impediments. You kept on calling everyone to join your march but people were not interested.”

She went on to say that those who advise Khan to hold press conferences are not competent people because instead of telling him to appear on TV, they should have told him to consume sleeping pills and go to bed.

Aurangzeb then chided the former prime minister for being responsible for the martyrdom of a police constable in Lahore and said: “The policeman took a bullet to his chest because of your politics of negativity.”

She added that Khan did not even have the courtesy to visit the widow and children of the martyred police constable. “Imran Khan should apologise to the children of the martyred police officer,” Aurangzeb stressed.

The minister further added that Khan defied the orders of the Supreme Court and continued to move towards the federal capital’s D-Chowk. “While he did not reach the D-Chowk himself, he provoked his supporters to violate the apex court’s order.” Speaking about PTI supporters, Aurangzeb said that the government respected their sentiments.

She said that Imran’s political narratives have been buried and he himself admitted that he returned from Islamabad after losing.

Marriyum Aurangzeb went on to say that the failed long march of Imran Khan has proved that public has rejected the violent politics of PTI.

Rejecting the impression that the government is depriving overseas Pakistanis from right to vote, she said government is committed to devise a transparent plan of voting process for overseas Pakistanis.

Meanwhile, in a tweet, Marriyum said that Imran Khan had sown the crop of inflation, made agreements on strict conditions and set a record of corruption.

She said now the nation was forced to reap that crop in the form of inflation and increase in the prices of petroleum products.

The minister said that Imran announced subsidy on petroleum products but ruined the national exchequer. She demanded that he should be held accountable for this crime.


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